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Ducati Adventure Tour, Thailand

The Ducati Adventure Tour offers participants a truly unique and exciting journey designed to demonstrate the features and value of the new model in an authentic and premium adventure environment. 

Six days of breathtaking roads and light off-road, exploring the wonders of Thailand aboard the Ducati DesertX. All participants will be guided by Ducati professionals and supported by an event team trained to deliver an excellent riding experience.

Equipped with a 21-inch front wheel and 18-inch rear wheel, the new DesertX is designed to handle even the most challenging off-road terrain. Dedicated off-road development combined with Ducati’s road expertise results in a responsive and manoeuvrable bike that is at ease on all types of trails and asphalt.

This spectacular tour inside the Golden Triangle takes Ducati DesertX riders through more than 1,000 km of the spectacular Thai countryside. Led by experienced tour guides and with support staff and a backup vehicle, participants are guaranteed an unforgettable premium experience.

Ducati Adventure Tour, Thailand


Airport transfers from CNX to & from Adventure
All hotels (inc. night before and end of tour)
All meals & refreshments (excluding alcohol)
Medical insurance
Personally assigned Ducati DesertX
Support vehicle

Ducati Adventure Tour, Thailand

Price THB 92,000 (including 7% tax)

Ducati Adventure Tour, Thailand


DART Asia Base

DART Asia is based in Chiang Mai just 15 minutes from the Chiang Mai International Airport (CNX). Fully equipped workshop keep our fleet in excellent condition, while dedicated staff ensure your adventure is an enjoyable experience. We provide shower and changing facilities and a secure area for luggage storage.

Ducati DesertX Golden Triangle Adventure is ALL INCLUSIVE. Leaving on Monday morning, the tour includes all meals and refreshments (excluding alcohol), coffee, medical insurance, fuel, Ducati DesertX motorcycle and accommodation (including the Sunday night before tour departure and the night of tour return).

Flight suggestions:

Fly into

Chiang Mai International Airport


Fly out of

Chiang Mai International Airport


All Ducati Adventure tours include:

Personally assigned Ducati 

All tour meals & refreshments

(exc. alcohol)


English-speaking tour guides

Medical insurance

1,000,000 THB

Support vehicle

(5 day+ tour only)

(when group is 4+ riders)

Riders are responsible for:

Riding gear: Full-face helmet,

protective jacket, pants,

boots & gloves

Any costs or personal expenses

outside those above

Motorcycle damage beyond

normal wear & tear