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Track Warm Up


The best way for those with little or no experience to approach the track.

Comprising theoretical briefings and practical sessions aboard the Panigale V2, the course allows a rider to acquire all the fundamentals and techniques with which to improve their riding ability, increase their sense of safety and find style and trajectories.

Level: beginner – amateur






30-31 May 2022

Misano Circuit

1.250,00 €

Course details and programme

The first part of the Course consists of a theoretical briefing taught by the technical director Dario Marchetti that focuses on topics such as: riding position, correct line of visionbrakingsteering and acceleration.

At this point the pupils will begin their on-track training. A specialist instructor will give advice before each session (there are 5 in total), and after each session there will be another briefing to discuss their experiences, comment on the videos filmed by the instructor during the session, ask questions and receive answers.

Thanks to the constant feedback, you will greatly improve your on-track riding abilities and your sense of safety on the bike, finding your style and your lines, particularly when you go back to road riding after the track experience.

A maximum of 50 participants will be split into groups of 5, each of which will be guided by an expert instructor. No previous track experience is required to participate in this course but solid motorcycling skills are necessary.

Equipment and bike

The bike used on the Track Warm Up Course is the Panigale V2 .

The required apparel consists of a leather suit, a back protector, a full-face helmet, gloves and boots. Those without the required items will be able to hire technical apparel (D|air suit included) when purchasing the course, subject to availability.

Participants in the Track Warm Up Course are required to hold a class A licence without limitations on engine capacity.

For any need or request for information, contact the DRE office at the e-mail address [email protected]

In the face of the epidemiological emergency COVID-19, all the activities of the DRE Academy courses are regulated by precise safety protocols, respecting the hygiene regulations necessary to make the events safe in every detail.