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                                                                              The time has come to try Ducati Monster.
                                                                              Discover it at all Ducati dealers.
                                                                              Just Fun!

                                                                              The new Monster represents all the essence of Ducati in the lightest, most compact and essential form possible. You can already guess it from the name: Monster, nothing else.

                                                                              The design of the new Monster is exactly what you might expect from the sport naked par excellence, but in an even more cutting-edge and modern guise. Slinky yet aggressive curves. Classic details with a modern twist. A design that aims to offer pure Monster-style emotion.

                                                                              A real concentration of style, sport and fun that will make you want to get rid of the superfluous and focus only on what counts, sheer riding pleasure.


                                                                                01. Lightweight and
                                                                                Agile and sleek.

                                                                                The chassis is an aluminium front frame and contributes to to maintaining the dry weight at just 166 kg. And lightness is key to achieving a bike that is easy to ride, handle, whilst being fast and above all fun.

                                                                                02. Compact.
                                                                                Compactness means simpler

                                                                                Narrow sides and front frame that terminates in line with the vertical head. This makes it easier to put your feet on the ground with the motorcycle at a standstill.

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                                                                                03. Essential.
                                                                                Essentiality means unique

                                                                                A design featuring simple neat lines, an engine, a seat, a fuel tank and a handlebar.

                                                                                04. Funny.
                                                                                Exciting performance

                                                                                The Monster is powered by the Testastretta 11° 937 cc twin cylinder L-shaped engine, with desmodromic distribution and *Euro 5 homologation.

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                                                                                Dream. Feel. Thrill.

                                                                                The new Ducati Monster is pure riding pleasure; a sensation of absolute control, the sporty naked for everyone.

                                                                                Unleash your Monster

                                                                                Choose how to personalise your tank. Decide how you want your fairings to look. With so many combinations available, you just have to find your own.

                                                                                discover customization kit
                                                                                discover customization kit
                                                                                Continue to explore

                                                                                Design, Vehicle, Electronics, Accessories – explore every aspect. Click on any of the images to discover all the details.

                                                                                Download Monster Brochure

                                                                                Download the brochure and discover all you need to know about the Monster.

                                                                                Contact Dealer

                                                                                Contact the dealer closest to you to have more information on the new Ducati Monster.

                                                                                Contact Dealer


                                                                                Ducati Red with black wheels
                                                                                Aviator Grey with GP Red wheels
                                                                                Dark Stealth with black wheels

                                                                                • Ducati Red
                                                                                • Aviator Grey
                                                                                • Dark Stealth


                                                                                Ducati Red with black wheels
                                                                                Aviator Grey with GP Red wheels
                                                                                Dark Stealth with black wheels

                                                                                • Ducati Red
                                                                                • aviator grey
                                                                                • Dark Stealth

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