Multistrada V2 - Ducati Brunei

Specification and model availability are variable in local market, please click on contact dealer for more information.

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                                                                                YOUR EVERYDAY WONDER

                                                                                Multistrada V2

                                                                                Your everyday wonder

                                                                                The Ducati Multistrada family continues its evolution with the Multistrada V2: the ideal bike to fully enjoy every route, versatile in everyday use and in the city, always with the sportiness and unmistakable style that characterize every Ducati.

                                                                                The new twin-cylinder of the family of Ducati dual bikes is a 360° bike, increasingly intuitive, comfortable, fun and accessible, thanks also to the introduction of the 35-kW version for A2 license holders. Multistrada V2 is a technologically advanced motorcycle, with a sophisticated cycling and an extremely complete electronic package, without forgetting the engine, the latest evolution of the 937 cc Testastretta 11° unit, and represents the perfect gateway to the Ducati tourer universe.

                                                                                During the development phases of this bike the main points of focus were ergonomicsweight reductionengine updates and a series of upgrades that follow the philosophy of “continuous improvement”.

                                                                                More comfortable, more fun, easier to ride

                                                                                WEIGHT REDUCTION

                                                                                5 Kg less than the Multistrada 950 thanks to new engine and vehicle components.


                                                                                The 937 cc Testastretta 11° engine has been lightened and updated in the gearbox and clutch to ensure smoother and more precise running. Now also available in a 35 kW version for A2 licence holders.


                                                                                Ergonomics have been revised to provide greater accessibility in terms of seat height (830 mm – 790mm) and inseam arch.


                                                                                Unmistakeably Multistrada design, with imposing, streamlined shapes. New refined graphics, that show the name of the bike on both sides for an elegant and sporty look at the same time.


                                                                                The electronic equipment is extremely complete, especially in the S version. The latest generation of driver assistance systems are effective and never invasive, ensuring safety and comfort in every condition.


                                                                                Agile and intuitive, the 19″ front wheel ensure maximum versatility: a smooth, rounded and relaxing ride that is also precise and effective when needed.

                                                                                Watch the Multistrada V2 in action

                                                                                A 360° Multistrada

                                                                                Thanks to the careful ergonomic study, the weight reduction, the sophisticated chassis-engine-electronics technology package, the Multistrada V2 is extremely versatile: perfect for touring, also with passenger and side bags, is also ideal for everyday urban use. The 19″ front wheel ensures a smooth, comfortable ride, always with the right level of reactivity and precision. Combined with the Ducati Skyhook Suspension EVO semi-active suspension system (standard on the S version) can absorb roughness and unevenness of the ground and always guarantee the ideal set-up of the vehicle, improving safety and comfort.

                                                                                Download the Multistrada V2 brochure

                                                                                Everything you need to know about the Multistrada V2

                                                                                *Bike specification, equipment and availability may vary by country.

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                                                                                Ducati Red with black rims.

                                                                                • ducati red


                                                                                “Ducati Red” with black rims and tags
                                                                                "Street Grey" livery with black frame and "GP Red" rims

                                                                                • ducati red
                                                                                • street gray

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