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Specification and model availability are variable in local market, please click on contact dealer for more information.

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                                                                                ELEGANCE. UNLIMITED.


                                                                                Unique and exclusive
                                                                                Elegance. Unlimited.

                                                                                XDiavel Nera: made in Italy design and craftsmanship combine with technology and innovation in a motorcycle made by Ducati in partnership with Poltrona Frau’s Interiors.

                                                                                The XDiavel Nera will be produced in a limited-edition numbered series of 500 units: it is characterized by an elegant “Black on Black” livery and by a special customizable saddle made of Pelle Frau®.

                                                                                  Numbered and limited edition

                                                                                  The XDiavel Nera will be produced in a limited-edition numbered series of 500 units. The serial number is engraved on a dedicated plate on the trellis frame.

                                                                                  Saddled by hand

                                                                                  The most recognizable part of the XDiavel Nera is the special seat made of Pelle Frau®: a soft natural leather saddled by hand, the result of years of research by Poltrona Frau. It is available in 5 different colours (Siam, Steel Blue, Cemento, India and Selva) and is customized with a series of “X” engraved through a sophisticated laser process, which recall the name of the bike.

                                                                                  Techno-cruiser Soul

                                                                                  XDiavel Nera expresses the power of opposites, combining the relaxed pace typical of the cruiser world with the sporty ride and thrilling performance of Ducati. The twin-cylinder Testastretta DVT 1262 is the beating heart of XDiavel. The chassis, suspension, braking system and electronic equipment guarantee comfort, safety and high-level performance at the same time.

                                                                                  Unique and unmistakeable

                                                                                  Each saddle, handmade in natural Pelle Frau® leather, is a unique piece, it is available in 5 different colors directly from the Poltrona Frau palette. Accompanying all this are added a wider comfort saddle and a backrest, also in Pelle Frau® leather, suitable for travelling in two without sacrificing style.

                                                                                  The taste of Italian design

                                                                                  Discover more about XDiavel Nera designed and developed by Ducati Centro Stile in partnership with Poltrona Frau’s Interiors.

                                                                                  Discover more
                                                                                  Discover more
                                                                                  Power & Elegance. Together.

                                                                                  Beating heart of XDiavel Nera, the Testastretta DVT 1262 delivers a maximum power output of 160 hp at 9,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 13.0 kgm at 5,000 rpm*. Desmodromic Variable Timing, the variable valve timing with desmodromic distribution system, allows theoretically conflicting objectives to be achieved: prompt and smooth response at low revs, generous torque throughout the curve and sports performance when the throttle is fully opened.

                                                                                  *Euro-5 versions


                                                                                  The bike’s chassis, its low seat height and the forward position of the foot pegs are all designed to offer incredible riding ease and comfort when travelling in a relaxed fashion at lower speeds, while also making sports riding as fun as possible. The combination of the steel tube trellis frame, the suspension system and the chassis design guarantees agility and manoeuvrability. The brake system is powerful and adjustable and, like the entire Ducati range, is equipped with cornering ABS. The electronic equipment is extremely complete and allows you to significantly raise the level of performance and safety.

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                                                                                  Discover tech specs of the new XDiavel Nera
                                                                                  1,262 cc (77.0 cu in)
                                                                                  160 hp (118 kW) @ 9,500 rpm*
                                                                                  152 hp (112 kW) @ 9,500 rpm
                                                                                  13.0 kgm (127 Nm, 93.7 lb ft) @ 5,000 rpm*
                                                                                  12.8 kgm (126 Nm, 92.9 lb ft) @ 5,000 rpm
                                                                                  Dry Weight
                                                                                  221 kg (487 lb)
                                                                                  Seat Height
                                                                                  755 mm (29.7 in)
                                                                                  Safety Equipment
                                                                                  Testastretta DVT 1262, V2 – 90°, 4 valves per cylinder, Desmodromic Variable Timing, Dual Spark, liquid cooled
                                                                                  1,262 cc (77.0 cu in)
                                                                                  Dry Weight
                                                                                  223 kg (492 lb)
                                                                                  Seat Height
                                                                                  755 mm (29.7 in)
                                                                                  1,262 cc (77.0 cu in)
                                                                                  Dry Weight
                                                                                  221 kg (487 lb)
                                                                                  Seat Height
                                                                                  755 mm (29.7 in)

                                                                                  Contact Dealer

                                                                                  Choose the XDiavel model you prefer and contact a dealer to have more information.

                                                                                  Contact Dealer


                                                                                  Black on Black and saddle in Pelle Frau®

                                                                                  Black on Black livery with 5 saddle colors available

                                                                                  • BLACK ON BLACK/SIAM
                                                                                  • BLACK ON BLACK/STEEL BLUE
                                                                                  • BLACK ON BLACK/CEMENTO
                                                                                  • BLACK ON BLACK/INDIA
                                                                                  • BLACK ON BLACK/SELVA

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