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                                                                  DREAM WILDER

                                                                  Ducati DesertX

                                                                  Dream Wilder

                                                                  Exploration. Fun. Performance. And a great desire to take and leave towards the horizon. The identity of this bike leaves no room for doubt: just looking at it, it brings you into the atmosphere of Dakar racing.

                                                                  Equipped with a 21-inch front wheel and 18-inch rear wheel, the new DesertX is designed to handle even the most challenging off-road terrain. Dedicated off-road development combined with Ducati’s road expertise result in a responsive and maneuverable bike that is at ease on all types of trails and asphalt.


                                                                    Off-road chassis

                                                                    21 ”front and 18” rear wheels, long stroke suspension, generous ground clearance (250mm) and an off-road frame designed and tested to withstand the toughest conditions.

                                                                    Ergonomics optimized for every condition

                                                                    Ergonomics and aerodynamic study give life to a motorcycle that has off-road as a natural territory and at the same time remains comfortable, easy and safe for urban commuting and long travels.

                                                                    Advanced electronics, dedicated to versatility

                                                                    The versatility of DesertX is also reflected in the Riding Modes: there’s 6 of them, with Enduro and Rally dedicated specifically to the off-road riding experience.

                                                                    Lightweight engine tuned for off-road use

                                                                    DesertX is equipped with the latest evolution of the 937 cc Testastretta 11th desmo, lighter by 1.7 kg compared to the previous generation and equipped with a new gear ratio to ensure the best off-road behavior.

                                                                      Post-heritage and digital

                                                                      DesertX presented a completely new challenge to the Centro Stile. The opportunity to experiment with a new design language, seeking inspiration in the history of African Rally.

                                                                      The result is a solid, clean, modern design, based on shapes taken from the most adventurous off-road world. It is a bike that wants to be solid and functional at the same time.

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                                                                      Design, Chassis, Electronic, Capsule Collection.

                                                                      Explore every detail of the new Ducati DesertX.

                                                                      Images and videos show only stunts performed by professional riders in closed streets
                                                                      and private area closed to public. Do not attempt. No animals were harmed.


                                                                      RR22 and Star White Silk
                                                                      The new RR22 livery, inspired by that of the Audi RS Q e-tron that participated in the last Dakar, complements the Star White Silk color scheme.

                                                                      • RR22
                                                                      • Star White Silk

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