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                                                                  Diavel V4

                                                                  Dare to be Bold

                                                                  Muscular, sporty, exaggerated and elegant at the same time, able to magnetize attention in any context, Diavel V4 synthesizes seemingly distant technical, dynamic and stylistic features, such as those of sport nakeds and muscle cruisers.
                                                                  The exhilarating performances of the V4 Granturismo engine are combined with surprising agility and dynamics for such a motorcycle.


                                                                    V4 Granturismo: the undisputed protagonist

                                                                    In the Diavel philosophy, the engine is the fulcrum around which everything revolves: performance, character and style. That’s why Ducati designers started with the V4 Granturismo, making it the star of all design elements, with the mechanics prominently displayed as a distinctive feature.

                                                                    Muscle-cruiser with supersport personality

                                                                    With a steel fuel tank with an animated, sculptural shape reminiscent of Ducati supersport bikes, the tail is light, slender and sharp. The air intakes are a breaking element in the side view, communicating all the muscular power.

                                                                    Character and uniqueness are found in the details

                                                                    The LED daytime running light at the front has a double-C shape. The rear light cluster consists of an array of point LEDs under the tail, with a highly original design that repeats the double C of the DRL and can not leave indifferent.

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                                                                    Surprisingly light

                                                                    The Diavel V4 features a chassis with a monocoque frame and single-sided swingarm, both made of aluminum, which combined with the lightness of the V4 Granturismo results in a kerb weight without fuel of 223 kg, for a saving of more than 13 kg compared to the Diavel 1260 S.

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                                                                    Unmistakable design.Unique personality.

                                                                    Muscular, gritty, with its broad “shoulders” and proudly visible four-exit exhaust, the Diavel V4 is designed to convey boldness and not go unnoticed. Starting with the new front and rear light cluster, to the retractable passenger footpegs and the retractable rear grab bar are the details that make the difference and make the design of this bike even more unique and unmistakable.

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                                                                    Ducati Red and Thrilling Black
                                                                    Available in classic Ducati red or glossy Thrilling Black.

                                                                    • Ducati red
                                                                    • Winter Test

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