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SuperSport 950

Your way to sport

The Ducati road sports bike changes its name and becomes SuperSport 950, also renewing its aesthetics, electronic equipment and richness of equipment, as well as becoming compliant with Euro 5 anti-pollution regulations.

The design of the SuperSport 950 evolves thanks to the new fairings designed by the Ducati Style Centre which give the bike more sportiness, dynamism, fluidity in shapes and a strong and decisive resemblance to the Panigale V4, together with the full-LED headlamp equipped with DRL.


Download the SuperSport 950 brochure

All you need to know about the SuperSport 950.

The strengths of the Ducati road sports bike have always been the dynamic style, the visual compactness of the volumes and the elegance of the lines with proportions and volumes typical of Panigale sports bikes.

The new SuperSport 950, thanks to the new fairings, acquires more sportiness and fluidity of shapes, as well as a strong and decisive reference to the Panigale V4 thanks to the new full-LED headlight and the new side air vents.

Discover everything about the new SuperSport 950 presented by Alessandro Valia, Ducati Official Tester, and Julien Clement, Ducati Senior Designer Style Centre.

A sharp light signature

The aesthetic link between the SuperSport 950 and the Panigale V4 is even more accentuated in this new version. The full-LED headlamp equipped with DRL immediately recalls the sharp light signature of the Panigale V4, while the fairings have been specially redesigned to highlight the sportiness of the bike and the fluidity of its forms.

Contact Dealer

Contact your nearest Ducati Dealer to request information about the new SuperSport 950.

On track with the new SuperSport 950
Customize your challenge

Ducati Performance has created a series of packages and accessories for the SuperSport 950 that enhance its versatility of use and allow it to be customized according to the owner’s tastes. The two versions of the SuperSport 950 can be enriched with the Sport and Touring packages, which can also be mounted together.


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Accessories Catalogue

Style, design, safety and protection: the Ducati apparel
collection is perfect for any occasion, both on and off the track!

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Ducati Red fairing with Ducati Red frame and Glossy Black wheel rims

  • Ducati Red


Arctic White Silk fairing with Ducati Red frame and Glossy Black wheel rims with Ducati Red “tag”
Ducati Red fairing with Ducati Red frame and Glossy Black wheel rims with Ducati Red “tag”

  • Arctic White
  • ducati red

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