The new Scrambler® presents itself to the public in grand style on the Italian leg of the Next-Gen Tour - Ducati Brunei
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                                                                                The new Scrambler® presents itself to the public in grand style on the Italian leg of the Next-Gen Tour

                                                                                A special event in full Scrambler® style kicked off the Italian appointment of the Next-Gen Tour, the itinerant journey that is taking the colours of the new Ducati Scrambler generation all over Europe. More than 400 guests took part in the inaugural event of the Milan leg, immersing themselves in the Scrambler® world and experiencing first-hand those vibes that have transformed Borgo Panigale’s “Land of Joy” into an unmistakable legend, making it a global success.

                                                                                The Milan evening dedicated to the Next-Gen Scrambler® was opened by a welcome speech by Ducati Marketing and Communication Director Patrizia Cianetti, followed by a greeting from the Chief Executive Officer Claudio Domenicali and by an intervention from the Product Sponsor Rocco Canosa. Everything took place inside Spazio Lenovo, where the contents dedicated to Scrambler® coloured the spaces of the venue, creating a digital framework for the event. The entire party was enlivened by the electronic music of Fresco, a DJ and producer known for his collaborations with Jovanotti, and for the entire duration of the event guests were able to try the immersive virtual reality experience. Among the most appreciated moments were the live-sketchings of the new Scrambler® generation, organized together with the designer of the Centro Stile Ducati who illustrated in detail the style concepts that inspired the birth of this new generation.

                                                                                The Scrambler® Next-Gen Tour, which already left its mark in London on 27 April and which, after Milan, is now getting ready to conquer the hearts of enthusiasts also in Munich (13 May), Paris (16 May) and Madrid (1 June), is embellished with a special visual identity that absolutely does not go unnoticed. The graphics of the tour were in fact created in collaboration with Van Orton Design, a Turin duo among the most important exponents of European digital art, who were responsible for the image of the Tour and then let themselves be carried away by Scrambler® creativity, interpreting their own artistic identity also on the covers of a unique version. This special bike fully expresses the spirit of customization which is a cornerstone of the Scrambler® philosophy.

                                                                                The new Scrambler® models are the perfect choice for those who want a motorcycle with a unique and recognizable style, dynamic and fun, accessible and safe for everyday use. A motorcycle designed for those seeking freedom and wanting to share their style and way of being with others, which is projected into 2023 in a completely revised guise from an aesthetic point of view, a good 4 kg lighter than the previous generation and equipped with electronic equipment that includes Ride by Wire, Riding Modes and Ducati Safety Pack with ABS Cornering as standard. The look of the Scrambler® easily adapts to all tastes and needs with the Icon model which is available in 9 different colours thanks to interchangeable covers and the availability of the 35-kW version for A2 license holders.

                                                                                Until 7 May, the Scrambler® Icon, Full Throttle and Nightshift models and the special version created by Van Orton Design will remain on display to the public in Spazio Lenovo (in Corso Matteotti 10, in the centre of Milan), where during 5 and 6 May it will be possible to book a test ride to be carried out at the Ducati Milano dealership in Via Marcellino Ammiano 1.

                                                                                After this preview in Milan, the new Ducati Scrambler family will once again be the protagonist throughout Italy. The next appointment on the calendar is set for 13-14 May with the Scrambler® Open Weekend when enthusiasts will be able to discover the new models up close at all Ducati dealerships. For more information about the program, you can contact your nearest dealership.

                                                                                Further information on the program of each leg of the Scrambler® Next-Gen Tour and on how to book the Ducati Milano test rides is available on the website and on

                                                                                Further images of the event and all the photos of the special version created by Van Orton Design are available on Ducati Media House.

                                                                                #ScramblerDucati #NextGenFreedom #NextGenTour

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