Ducati inaugurates the new Finitura e Delibera Estetica building in Borgo Panigale - Ducati Macau
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                                                                  Ducati inaugurates the new Finitura e Delibera Estetica building in Borgo Panigale

                                                                  Ducati has officially inaugurated the new Finitura e Delibera Estetica building in the Borgo Panigale establishment in Bologna, which is the result of a significant infrastructure investment completely self-financed. 

                                                                  The ribbon cutting took place in the presence of Claudio Domenicali, CEO Ducati, Markus Duesmann, CEO AUDI AG and President Ducati Motor Holding SpA, Jürgen Rittersberger, CFO Audi AG, together with Matteo Lepore, Mayor of Bologna.

                                                                  Claudio Domenicali, Ducati CEO: “This year has been truly splendid for Ducati, and the inauguration of the new Finitura e Delibera Estetica manufacturing represents yet another moment of pride. This building embodies an investment that brings value to the company but also to the territory in which Ducati operates. The new space will house a strategic phase of production where we focus on the attention to detail and beauty of our motorcycles so that they are perfect when they arrive to our passionate Ducatisti.” 

                                                                  The new space will host the last phase of the production cycle, called finishing and aesthetic approval, which consists of the final dressing of the motorbike carried out by Ducati with a sartorial approach and meticulous attention to detail. It is in this step that parts such as fairings and covers, which are not assembled on the production line to avoid possible aesthetic damage due to movement of the motorcycles, are put on. Finally, each bike is carefully inspected to ensure that it is perfect from an aesthetic point of view, with the aim of safeguarding the highest quality standards that distinguish Ducati.

                                                                  The building occupies a total area of 4,400 m² and was built over a few months. In fact, the construction work began in April 2022 and ended in December of the same year. The design was developed taking into consideration criteria of environmental sustainability and energy efficiency. It is precisely thanks to the use of materials with high energy efficiency, high-performance technological systems and the use of renewable sources that the building has been classified as a nZEB (nearly Zero Energy Building), i.e. with almost zero energy requirements because it is covered to a significant extent by energy from renewable sources.

                                                                  A fundamental role is certainly played by the photovoltaic system of the building. A 170 kWp photovoltaic system will be placed on the roof, which will make it possible to produce more than 200 MWh of clean energy per year.

                                                                  An important reduction in energy consumption also comes from the use of high-efficiency air conditioning systems and natural lighting that derives from the use of large glass and polycarbonate surfaces. Furthermore, a courtyard has been created inside the building, which will host an open-air green space, further contributing to visual well-being and to the natural lighting inside the building. All the artificial lighting is guaranteed by a system that uses exclusively LED lamps.

                                                                  The plant system of the structure also includes an underground rainwater storage tank of about 150 m³ which guarantees the recovery of 90% of the rainwater, which will be reused in internal industrial processes.

                                                                  Thanks to the presence in the vicinity of the building of the bio-monitoring station that uses bees as bioindicator insects, Ducati has been able to analyse the environmental impact generated by all phases of the construction of the new building.

                                                                  The protection of the environment and the reduction of the consumption of its activities is a fundamental theme in view of the development and continuous growth of Ducati, as well as being an integral part of the Environmental Strategy of the Volkswagen Group of which the Company is a part.

                                                                  With the inauguration of the Finitura e Delibera Estetica building, Ducati concludes a very positive 2022 which, in addition to seeing it triumph in the racing world with the double title in MotoGP and WorldSBK, has also achieved major economic and growth results for the company.

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