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                                                                                          New Panigale V4 SP

                                                                                          Time Attack

                                                                                          Ducati expands the Panigale V4 family by introducing the new numbered Panigale V4 SP version, which certifies the return after many years of the initials “SP” (Sport Production) on the fairing of a Ducati super sports bike.

                                                                                          Introduced for the first time on the legendary Ducati 851, this abbreviation identified the versions that formed the basis for the development of the racing bikes used in the Sport Production Championship, precursor of the current Superstock.

                                                                                          Even today, in Ducati, the acronym “SP” is used to recognize a production bike with specific technical equipment that makes it faster on the track.

                                                                                          Watch the 3rd episode of the Ducati World Première

                                                                                          Discover everything about the new Panigale V4 SP presented by Alessandro Valia, Ducati Official Tester.

                                                                                          WHEELBASE 1,600 mm (63.0 in)
                                                                                          955 cc
                                                                                          157.5 kW (214 hp) @ 13,000 rpm
                                                                                          124.0 Nm (91.5 lb-ft) @ 9,500 rpm
                                                                                          Dry Weight
                                                                                          176 kg
                                                                                          Seat Height
                                                                                          840 mm (33,1 in)
                                                                                          Safety Equipment
                                                                                          Ducati Power Launch (DPL), Ducati Quick Shift (DQS) up/down EVO 2, Full LED lighting with Daytime Running Light (DRL), Ducati Electronic Suspension (DES) EVO with Öhlins suspension and steering damper, Quick adjustment buttons, Lithium-ion battery, Auto-off indicators, Racing style handle grips, Chain guard, Carbon fiber wheels, Carbon fiber front mudguard, Wings in carbon fiber, Adjustable rider footpegs in aluminium with heel guard in carbon fiber, Billet aluminium steering stem with bike number.

                                                                                          Ducati Traction Control (DTC) EVO 3

                                                                                          This new strategy is part of the continuous search to improve lap time through interventions that make riding more intuitive, less tiring, and therefore more effective for greater fun on the track.

                                                                                          When coming out of a corner and working the throttle, normally at the end of the recovery phase of the “drive line” there’s an unwanted and unexpected slippage of the rear wheel due to the peak acceleration of the crankshaft, which disturbs the rider while increasing the throttle.

                                                                                          The new software predictively adjusts the torque delivered, calibrating the angular speed of the crankshaft to make the recovery phase more fluid. This translates into a more linear acceleration coming out of the corner and thus a better feeling for the rider.

                                                                                          The new strategy is active at all DTC levels for dry tracks (levels 1 to 4) and wet tracks with rain tyres (level 7).

                                                                                          The following chart shows the data of two laps: the grey lines refer to performance with strategy off, the red lines with strategy on at the same point of the track. The data are the accelerator (APS) and the torque on the wheel measured with a measuring wheel shaft. In the time interval highlighted by the two vertical lines (corresponding to corner 2 of the Alcarrás circuit) it can be seen that the DTC EVO 3 reduces the peak torque on the wheel, and consequently allows the rider to increase the throttle.

                                                                                          New Ducati Riding Mode strategy

                                                                                          The Panigale V4 SP features a new Riding Mode strategy that allows the rider to make quick comparisons between two different configurations on the track to define the best set-up. The Race Riding Mode has been split into two specific mappings for track use (Race A and Race B), now freely comparable in the individual parameters, which complement the already existing Sport and Street.

                                                                                          The Riding Modes allow you to choose between four different pre-set riding styles to offer the Panigale V4 SP behaviour that is perfectly adaptable to the rider, the type of track and the environmental conditions. Each Riding Mode is programmed to instantly change the character of the engine, the parameters of the electronic controls.

                                                                                          Riding Mode Race A – Race A riding mode in its default configuration was developed for experienced riders who want to exploit the full potential of the bike on the track. By selecting Race A, the rider can count on all the engine power with direct ride-by-wire response when the throttle is opened. Race A mode provides for an electronics setting aimed at achieving maximum performance on tracks with consistent asphalt and high grip, without decreasing the level of safety, with the ABS intervening only on the front wheel to offer maximum braking performance, but with the Cornering feature always active.

                                                                                          Riding Mode Race B – by selecting the Riding Mode Race B the rider can count on all the engine power but with reduced torque delivery in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear compared to Race A, in order to make the bike more manageable during long sessions on the track, on circuits with characteristics that favour cornering rather than strong acceleration or characterized by irregular or low-grip surfaces. The electronic controls are set up in such a way as to allow even less experienced riders an effective and spectacular riding style.

                                                                                          Sport Riding Mode – Selecting Sport gives the rider 214 hp, with direct sport-style Ride by Wire throttle response and, on the S version, a sport style suspension set-up. Electronic control settings allow even less experienced riders to enjoy effective, spectacular handling. In Sport mode, for example, the Slide by Brake function is engaged, allowing riders to drift into corners safely. Rear wheel lift detection during braking is on and the ABS Cornering function is set to maximise cornering performance.

                                                                                          Street Riding Mode – Street Riding Mode is recommended when riding the Panigale V4 SP on the streets. As with Sport Riding Mode, this RM gives the rider 214 hp and progressive Ride by Wire throttle response.

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                                                                                          The Panigale V4 SP

                                                                                          Panigale V4

                                                                                          Panigale V2

                                                                                          Panigale V4 S


                                                                                          Winter Test livery in matt black with bright red details and exposed brushed aluminium fuel tank

                                                                                          • Winter test livery

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