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Ducati World Première 2023

The Ducati 2023 range is about to be unveiled. Discover the brand
new Monster SP and get ready for the next episode on September 29. Unlock Earth.

The web series that Ducatisti around the world are eagerly awaiting. Starting in September, new episodes of the World Première will unveil all the novelties of the 2023 range. In the seven episodes, Ducati designers will explain in detail the design of each motorbike.

The episodes will be available on this page and on Ducati’s social channels.

Follow the updates and save the dates.


02 September 2022 | Episode 1

The Unexpected 

15 September 2022 | Episode 2

Ready for More? 

Save the date > Apple – Google – Outlook 

29 September 2022 | Episode 3

Unlock Earth 

Save the date > Apple – Google – Outlook 

07 October 2022 | Episode 4

This is Racing

Save the date > Apple – Google – Outlook 

20 October 2022 | Episode 5

Push Forward 

Save the date > Apple – Google – Outlook 

28 October 2022 | Episode 6

Dare to be Bold

Save the date > Apple – Google – Outlook 

07 November 2022 | Episode 7

Next Gen Freedom 

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Relive the Ducati World Première latest episodes

Watch the very first episode of DWP 2023 in which the exclusive Lamborghini Streetfighter V4 was unveiled. If you missed some of the DWP 2022 videos here’s your chance to re-watch them!

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