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                                                                                          THE POWER OF OPPOSITES

                                                                                          XDiavel S

                                                                                          The Power of Opposites

                                                                                          The XDiavel S embodies the sports side of the Ducati cruise. You can tell it is a Ducati at the first corner: the way it leans, its technical content, its cutting-edge electronic package and high performance guarantee an unforgettable riding experience.

                                                                                          Testastretta DVT 1262

                                                                                          The Testastretta DVT 1262 twin-cylinder engine, beating heart of XDiavel, delivers a maximum power output of 160 hp* at 9,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 13.0 kgm at 5,000 rpm. *Euro-5 version

                                                                                          Torque always available

                                                                                          Approximately 80% of the maximum torque of the XDiavel is almost immediately available: at 2,100 rpm. This means you can pick up speed without having to shift down a gear, by sightly opening the throttle. Just like you expect from a cruiser. The torque peak – 13.0 kgm – is reached instead at 5,000 rpm, a pretty low speed for a Ducati twin-cylinder engine. If you want the maximum, when the rev counter pointer reaches 9,500 rpm, the wheel gets 160 hp. (Only for countries where Euro 5 standard applies).

                                                                                          Ducati Power Launch

                                                                                          The spirit of the XDiavel can be fully expressed thanks to the Ducati Power Launch. This system can guarantee fast and safe starts thanks to the Bosch IMU which regulates the gas.

                                                                                          Read more

                                                                                          The Ride-by-Wire system is an electronic interface between the engine and the XDiavel S fuel grip, which allows the ideal power level to be configured depending on the Riding Mode selected.

                                                                                          Read more
                                                                                          Belt transmission

                                                                                          The XDiavel is the first Ducati to use belt final drive. A must in the cruiser world, the system was developed for the XDiavel by Ducati engineers so as to be able to guarantee reliable and safe transmission of the power supplied by the Ducati Testastretta DVT 1262.

                                                                                          Forward footpegs

                                                                                          The XDiavel ergonomic started from a basic concept: a relaxed riding position, like a real cruiser, with a low seat and forward footpegs. The footpegs of the XDiavel can be adjusted as standard in three positions (+/- 22.5 mm compared to the standard position).

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                                                                                          Adjustable suspension

                                                                                          The adjustable XDiavel suspensions guarantee high comfort even on long distances and perfect control during fast riding.

                                                                                          Read more
                                                                                          Brembo braking system

                                                                                          The XDiavel is equipped, as standard, with the Brembo braking system with Bosch 9.1ME ABS Cornering. ABS Cornering makes use of the IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) platform by Bosch to optimise the braking power of the front and back wheels, also in critical situations and when cornering.

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                                                                                          Tyres and wheels

                                                                                          At the front the wheel is 3.5″ x 17”, while at the back it is 8″ x 17”. The large rear tyre uses double compound technology to increase grip during the most extreme cornering, guaranteeing at the same time high kilometric performance and applying Enhanced Patch Technology to maximise the contact area with any lean angle. The tread design and the compounds used guarantee exceptional performance in all conditions, especially in the wet.

                                                                                          Riding Mode

                                                                                          he XDiavel integrates the latest innovations in Ducati technology, such as Riding Modes. The three Riding Modes work by combining different cutting-edge technologies, such as Ride-by-Wire, Ducati Traction Control and ABS Cornering Bosch systems.

                                                                                          Read more
                                                                                          Ducati Traction Control

                                                                                          DTC is a very smart system which acts as a “filter” between the rider’s right hand and the rear wheel.

                                                                                          Read more
                                                                                          Full LED lighting system with DRL

                                                                                          The XDiavel features a dominant front headlight with Daytime Running Light. The DRL is a particular light which guarantees perfect visibility of the bike during the day and, at the same time, thanks to its particular form, makes the XDiavel S instantly recognisable also in sunlight.

                                                                                          XDiavel Dark

                                                                                          XDiavel is a world of accessories to express your personality. Discover all of them and have fun personalising your XDiavel of your dreams.

                                                                                          discover the accessories
                                                                                          discover the accessories

                                                                                          Download the brochure

                                                                                          Download the brochure and discover all you need to know about the XDiavel.
                                                                                          1,262 cc (77.0 cu in)
                                                                                          Dry Weight
                                                                                          221 kg (487 lb)
                                                                                          Seat Height
                                                                                          755 mm (29.7 in)
                                                                                          1,262 cc (77.0 cu in)
                                                                                          160 hp (118 kW) @ 9,500 rpm*
                                                                                          152 hp (112 kW) @ 9,500 rpm
                                                                                          13.0 kgm (127 Nm, 93.7 lb ft) @ 5,000 rpm* /
                                                                                          12.8 kgm (126 Nm, 92.9 lb ft) @ 5,000 rpm
                                                                                          Dry Weight
                                                                                          223 kg (492 lb)
                                                                                          Seat Height
                                                                                          755 mm (29.7 in)
                                                                                          Safety Equipment
                                                                                          Riding Modes, Power Modes, Cornering ABS, Ducati Traction Control, full-LED lighting system, Daytime Running Light.
                                                                                          Valve Clearance Check (DesmoService)
                                                                                          15,000 km (9,000 miles) / 12 months

                                                                                          Contact Dealer

                                                                                          Choose the XDiavel model you prefer and contact a dealer to have more information.

                                                                                          Contact Dealer


                                                                                          Thrilling Black with matt black and red trim, mineral gray frame and glossy black wheels

                                                                                          • Icone-Colore-Black-100x100

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